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VAT Links and Information

  • VAT Registration Limits
  • Purchases made before VAT registration: reclaiming the VAT VAT invoices: what they must show
  • VAT Payment Deadlines
  • Cancelling your VAT registration
  • Notes on Building and construction work and VAT
  • Website of the European Commission
  • Notes on Completing VAT Returns
  • VAT: reclaim or claim VAT relief on cancelling VAT registration (VAT427)

    How to Pay VAT

  • Paying VAT from a UK bank account

    VAT and motoring expenses

  • Cars and motoring expenses: reclaiming VAT
  • VAT road fuel scale charges
  • Reclaiming VAT on Vehicle Repairs

    VAT Flat Rate Scheme

  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme

    VAT Cash Accounting Scheme

  • Notes on VAT Cash Accounting

    VAT Annual Accounting Scheme

  • Notes on VAT Annual Accounting

    International Services: Place of Supply Rules

  • VAT Notice 741A: Place of Supply Rules from January 2010

    Other Useful VAT Leaflets

  • VAT Notice 700: The VAT Guide
  • VAT Notice 700/1: Should I be registered for VAT?
  • VAT Notice 700/2 Group and divisional registration
  • VAT Notice 701/30: Education and vocational training
  • VAT Notice 708: Buildings and construction
  • VAT Notice 709/5 Tour Operators Margin Scheme
  • VAT Notice 709/6 Travel agents and tour operators
  • VAT Notice 741A: Place of supply of services
  • VAT Notice 742: Land and property
  • HMRC Notes on VAT when constructing new houses and flats
  • Leaflet about the Single Market

    VAT Forms

  • List of VAT Forms
  • VAT 600FRS - Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme

    Find the VAT No of a Business

  • Find the VAT No of a business